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Alison Acton

Game Concept Art

Animal Sketches Animal Sketches 2 BG Elements Characters Characters 2 Characters 3 Characters 4 Holiday Icons Tigers Human Hybrids Monsters

Character design

Dooomcat Super Bears ESM part 1 Katrina Misfortune favors the pizza guy : main characters Misfortune favors the pizza guy : supporting characters Aliens Henry Maya San Zombies


Evil shoulder monkey : page 5 & 6 Evil shoulder monkey : page 7 & 8 It can only get worse : page 3 & 4 It can only get worse : page 5 & 6 Pirate Pat : page 4 & 5 Sanaril 1 : page 1 Sanaril : page 6 BearNuts BearNuts BearNuts Cave Pat Cave Pat Faerie Path Faerie Path


Bear Nuts Masterpieces Bear Nuts Vol 2 Cover Belial Kestral Sanaril color Tara & Raavi Pirates! Zombies! Dragons The Siege Space Girls Misc Tee Designs The Body Shop Cyber Cat Battle of Thrones Boo Bites Misc Tee Designs


Belial sketches girls Raavi sketches San & Esdras Sanaril Sketches Sunhorse Tara expressions

Mini Melees

Pointy Death Ninja Scroll of Death Headlights of Dooom Revenge of the Kraken High Noon Hijinks Dooomed Deep Space Slugfest Half-sized Heavenly Havoc Midget Ninja Melee - Squareds Pint-Sized Pirate Mayhem Midget Zombie Attack Ninjas & Pirates